Sata is pleased to present Salgomma S.r.l. The strong attention to the market and its constantly evolving needs, led  Sata Group to acquire a new company: Salgomma. Founded in Turin in 1951, Salgomma is leader in the production of technical rubber parts, working in many different sectors from automotive to industrial application, showing the depth of knowledge and ability to produce all types of products meeting the demands of the OEM and of TIER 1/ TIER 2 customers. Specialist in supplying the major companies, Salgomma S.r.l. delivers high quality and reliable services with respect to the requirements of their customers.

Sata Group, following a diversification strategy, acquires Salgomma, that thanks to its technical know-how it occupies a leading position in the reference market, opening up new opportunities for the future. Our past, like all stories, is made up of experiences, important innovations, and impulses towards the future. We always aim to achieve considerable goals, maintaining a strong capacity and social motivation, which are always shared with the family, the fundamental core which has been the basis of every decision by our group since the very beginning. 

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