Students of C.IA C 'P. Cinotto' of Valperga, received the third overall place at Siemens 2018 Automation Olympics in the Senior category.


They also were awarded the special prize "Diversity" for the most complex automatic equipment , based on the integration of mechanics, electrical engineering and IT

Sata Spa congratulates for the project for which the special prize was awarded.

It involved the transformation of a part of the COMAU assembly center, in a pantograph on three axes, which are driven by three brushless motors,

managed by a SIEMENS 1200C PLC and a touch panel that controls and manages the equipment both manually and automatically.

It is an interesting example of advanced technological innovation.

4th year students from the Industrial Automation Technical school made positive remarks about the didactive experience when they received the prize.

They commited to both CI.A.C institute and host companies.

At the beginning of the year, and have grown personally and professionally as a result of their participation in this process.


The collaboration with school institutes and research centers is not new for Sata,

which it always accepts with enthusiasm for every opportunity to contribute to the development of innovative solution and to work with young students